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Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge
Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge
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Product Detail
1.reduce disposal costs 2. automatic continuous operate 3.dewatering and thickening 4.Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

Model-- LW220/355/450/530/730


High automatic level

continuous and closed operation type

Product Instruction

Sludge dewatering complete unit mainly consists of LW decanter centrifuge, full automatic polymer mixing & feeding device, sludge crushing & cutting machine, sludge feed pump, polymer feed pump, shaft-free screw conveyor, flow meters, control valves and full automatic control system, etc. It has such advantages as advanced structure, high automation, continuous and close type operation, safe and reliable operation.

Diagram flow of the sludge dewatering complete unit

 Technical Parameter

Main Equipment--- LW Decanter Centrifuge

LW decanter centrifuge is one of the main equipments in the dewatering system. With large bowl angle, BD plate and large length-diameter ratio; equipped with the high-torque planetary gearbox or hydraulic driving system, it features high rotating speed, large torque, and small differential speed.

Bowl speed: high rotating speed design and high centrifugal force, that effectively remove particles ≥3μm;Length-diameter ratio: actual effective L/D ratio is higher than 4.1;long drying area maximum the settling time and dewatering time of sludge;BD plate: A round stop is mounted between the conveyor settlement area and the drying area. The sludge in the settlement area is compressed first and then enters into the drying area, minimum the moisture rate of sludge.

Auxillary Equipment1---Electric control system 

The control system adopts PLC to control the polymer mixing and dosing device, sludge crushing & cutting machine, sludge feed pump, polymer feed pump, flow meters, etc. And conduct detection, fault alarm, interlocking protection, etc.Automatically control of start-up, dewatering, cleaning and shut down of the centrifuge in accordance with the pre-set program.Equipped with functions of automatic adjustment of feeding load at constant torque;Automatically increase or decrease the differential speed in accordance with the changes in pushing torque so as to prevent solid from being blocked;Automatically adjustment of oil volume supplied to the hydraulic driving system in accordance with changes in hydraulic pressure so as to control the differential speed;Automatically mixing and dosing of polymer as required;Large-size color touch screen displays the real-time parameters of operating conditions.

Auxillary Equipment 2---Polymer mixing and dosing device

Three-chamber polymer dosing device is a type of device for preparing macromolecule flocculant, and it is capable to prepare 1~3‰ PAM flocculant continuously. It is also capable to calculate the weight of supplied powder and flow rate of the water supply. The device can prepare the flocculant continuously and dose certain amount of the polymer into the centrifuge. It is mainly consist of:Automatic dry polymer dosing systemAutomatic water injection deviceLevel monitoring systemAgitators, piping, valves, etc

Note: We can also supply two-chamber polymer mixing and dosing device.

Auxillary Equipment 3---Sludge crushing & cutting machine

The cutting machine is mainly used to crush large objects such as woods, textiles, plastics, rubber, bones, leather and glass in the sludge with solid content ≤5, so as to ensure the proper operation of dosing pump, centrifuge and instruments in the downstream system. The cutting machine features large capacity and long service life blade.

Auxillary Equipment 4---Sludge feed pump

This pump is a positive displacement pump, the rotor with large transmission distance, large tooth height and small inner diameter will convey the sludge from suction end to exit end. It is mainly used for transport of 0.2~5% concentration sludge and polymer. Flow rate is controlled by inverter.

Auxillary Equipment 5---Shaft-free screw conveyor 

Model LS Shaft-free screw conveyor mainly consists of drive device, shaft-free screw vane, U-shaped changeable abrasion-resistant scaleboard and frame. It is mainly used for transporting sludge cake from the centrifuge to outdoors sludge heaping field or vehicle. Entire work is done at close state so as to keep environment clean.

Sludge Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

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