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Boron Nitride Crucible / BN Crucible
Boron Nitride Crucible / BN Crucible
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boron nitride Crucible Ceramic crucible for vaporization bn crucible crucible good thermal shock. ISO90001:2008

Boron Nitride Crucible / BN Crucible

Boron nitride crucible is produced by boron nitride block which is sintered with boron nitride powder according to the customer requirements. It is used for melting aluminum, zinc and other alloying, instead of graphite crucible.  The characteristics are as follows:

1: Chemical stability, non-reactive with the metal which is dissolved and the purity of alloys will be increased.

2: There is good oxidation resistance, higher than the graphite material 400-500 °C, up to 900 °C.

3: Long service life.

BN crucible and graphite crucible compared:

BN crystal structure there is no electrons in free,it is an insulator and have high melting point. Almost all of the molten metal were tested chemical reaction.

BN is thermostability, The operating temperature up to 2800°C in neutral or N2 .While the graphite operating temperature is far blew to the temperature of BN. The graphite will be produced carbonized under high temperature and high pressure.

The thermal conductivity of BN does not change with temperature and changes in theramal conductivity of graphite is relatively large.

The life of BN crucible is far greater than the graphite crucible.

Boron Nitride main technical parameters 

Melting point/°C


Operating temperature/°C






Thermal conductivity/W.m-3.K-1


Coefficient of thermal expansion/10-6 °C-1


Breakdown voltage/kV.m-1


Dielectric constant(ε)


Dielectric loss(tanδ)/10-4


Resistivity /Ω.m


Bending strength(RT)


The compressive strength(RT)


PENSC offers machined parts or blanks

Industry leading turn around time for prototypes and production quantities according to your specifications.

Market and Application

Boron Nitride Solids fit a variety of applications in high-performance material processing environment.


Typical Markets

     Steel mills and foundries;     Furnace construction;     Semiconductor Industry;     Coating applications;

Typical Applications

       Side dams in thin-strip casting process       Break rings in horizontal continuous casting       Insulators for high-temperature furnaces       Crucibles and containers for molten metals       Nozzles for metal atomization


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