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99.5% purity Ceramic Boron Nitride Rod
99.5% purity Ceramic Boron Nitride Rod
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99.5% purity Ceramic Boron Nitride Rod Good bn Rod product BN Rod high temperature Boron Nitride Rod good stability ISO9001

99.5% purity Ceramic Boron Nitride Rod

Boron Nitride Solids are made by hot pressing hexagonal Boron Nitride powders. The color of BN products is milky, true density is 2.27g/cm , Mohs value is 2, they have a high melting point(sublimate point is 3000°C). When in a condition of inert atmosphere, their maximum service temperature can reach to 2800°C. Their thermal conductivity is 25W/(m·K), similar to stainless steel.And coefficient of liner  And coefficient of liner expansion is between 2.0×10 /°C to 6.5×10 /°C. They have a high quality of heat-resistance and shock-resistance, and they can work efficiently after several hundred of 1000°C←→20°C cycles. Their oxidation resistance is poor, and their chemical properties are stable, they have a high corrosion-resistance of acid, alk, molten metal and glass. BN products cannot have chemical reaction with most molten metals, such as Cu, stainless steel, Fe, Sn, Zn and Sb. Mechanical strength is low, just a little more than that of graphite, volume resistance is between 25~1050°C,10-6~10-6n·cm, they are good insulators. Electric breakdown strength is between 30 kV/cm to 40 kV/cm, which is three times than that of aluminum oxide. Thermo compression products are distinctly anisotropic, they can be used to finish cut, and the precision of lathe can reach to 0.01mm.

Thermal Conductivity


Thermal expansivity

(6.5-7.5)*10-6 °C


>1012 Ω·m

Puncture voltage

(2.5-4.0)*106 /kv·m

Mohs' hardnees


Dielectric constant


Bending strength


Compression strength



1.9—2.2 g/cm3

Chemical Composition



Oxygen Content


Carbon Content


Working Environment Temperature

Oxidizing Atmosphere






Process characteristics:

Combat solids display a unique combination of chemical, electrical , thermal and mechanical properties to offer improved process performance and increased service life while enabling new technologies:

    Easily merchantable to desirable shapes and size    Exceptional conductivity    High thermal conductivity    Excellent thermal shock resistance;    Outstanding electric insulation-even at high temperatures    High wet resistance to molten metals, slags and glass    Extreme corrosion and wear resistance

PENSC offers machined parts or blanks

Industry leading turn around time for prototypes and production quantities according to your specifications.

Market and Application

Boron Nitride Solids fit a variety of applications in high-performance material processing environment.

Typical Markets

     Steel mills and foundries;     Furnace construction;     Semiconductor Industry;     Coating applications;

Typical Applications

       Side dams in thin-strip casting process       Break rings in horizontal continuous casting       Insulators for high-temperature furnaces       Crucibles and containers for molten metals       Nozzles for metal atomization

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