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chain conveyors for consumer electronics and appliance assembly
chain conveyors for consumer electronics and appliance assembly
Supplier Info
[China Supplier]
Contact Person : Mr. Liu Leo
Tel : 86-0760-22282241
Fax : 86-0760-22135981
Product Detail
Used for assemby /process elctronics and electronic products also for appliance like fans TVs .


model number : 12000L×500W×730H(mm)

Configuration and explanation:

1, line body unilateral about 20 block tooling board, both sides total of about 40 block tooling plate.

2, each station equipped with specifications for L100 × W120 × H60 mma set of four case parts box, used to place scattered parts and small tools.

3, line body guide and rail between the A3 plate connection, thickness of § 3mm ecurity body cohesion precision firm.

4, line body support using 40 x 40 x square steel flat pass welding production, the outward appearance is strong and easy.

5, tooling plate specification for L500 × W500 × H18 mm plywood production, (according to customer demand itself is equipped with 360 ° rotation), tooling plate surface using § 2mmhick antistatic green rubber production, a total of about 40 block;

6, line body working procedure choose the brand letter PLC control, security body stable operation;

7, all line body ends seal plate use 1.5 mmA3 plate bending production with plastic-sprayed surface place ;

Motor :Adopt Taiwan brand 1.5 East Cropland motor, reducer using the JiaCheng brand for 100 # 1:60, speed 0- 5 M/minutes adjustable, PLC control, head support using 40 x 40 x carbon steel flat pass welding and into production, head seal plate using § 1.2 mmA3 plate bending production.
Line body guide:Guide use 100 x 118 mm special aluminum guide rail, rail link space use A3 plate production with plastic-sprayed surface treatment;
Transfer chain:The suzhou quality P = 38.1 mm times the speed chain, the whole line arrangement
Standing support:Use 40 x 40 x § 2.0mm carbon steel flat flat welding into production, each support spacing is 2 meters.
Lighting system:Light support using 40 x 20 × § 1.5mm carbon carbon steel flat welding into production , each 2 m one paragraph , one -by- one arrangement, lighting using 40 w single belt cover fluorescent lamp , lined up on all fronts.
Socket slot:Line body bottom bilateral equipped with plug socket, plug slot using § 1.2 mm galvanized sheet bending production, each station with a set of two, three plug socket,.
Gas path:All line body gas path using four points galvanized control is made, and is divided into the upper, lower, and in each station with a set of 4 points quick connector;
Wind batch chute:Using special aluminum production, installation online body bilateral, and in each station with a hook, ordinal arrangement, on-line body fixture;
Process screen:Using special H type aluminum production, installation online body support ,every station with a set of A4 paper hard rubber sleeve.
Adjustable goblet:Line body each support with a set of adjustable galvanized goblet, and at the bottom of the body with a four points galvanized tube, rod, wire insurance line body strong, the surface integral generous;
Translation device:Line body ends, lifting SMC lifting cylinder device, conveyor belt use § 5mmkid proof conveyer belt production, bilateral decorate, drive the table production miniature constant speed motor, motor power 90 w, 1:25 thus, realize tooling plate cycle delivery, a total of four sets;
Stop device :Using QX - type I ,stop device, each block device with a foot valve switch control.
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